Rebecca Parsons

Rebecca Parsons' Buddha statuary work evolved after her travels to Southeast Asia, Bali, and India, where the Buddha is such an ever-present image. For Rebecca, recreating the calm repose of the Buddha in meditation is a process of meditation in itself, as well as an offering of this gift to others.

Rebecca brings a lifetime of clay experience to the creation of this work. Starting at three years old, Rebecca molded, modeled, and coiled all kinds of figures, animals, and even dioramas based on favorite books. Her later work employed the potter's wheel to create pieces with an emphasis on form.

4596160551Rebecca holds a BA in philosophy from the University of Colorado. She also studied art at The New School in New York City, and at The Sir John Cass School of Art in London, England.

Rebecca's architectural light fixture business, Southwestern Light, has produced hand-thrown wall sconces and hanging lights since 1975. This work is internationally acclaimed, and it is regarded as a significant part of Santa Fe Style in interior and exterior decoration.